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Wet Weather

Rest assured, we are committed to delivering our cleaning services reliably in all weather conditions that won't adversely affect the quality of our work. Even light to medium rain poses no threat to the finish of our services.

First clean surcharge

We apply an additional charge for your first window clean. This charge covers the extra time it takes to bring your windows up to standard. (1.5x multiplier for six-weekly, 1.25x for twelve-weekly)

Frequency & specific cleaning days

Given the dynamic nature of our business, there may be instances where we adjust our cleaning schedule, which can lead to your cleaning being 1 - 2 weeks early or late. However, based on your chosen frequency preference, we guarantee you will only receive the maximum number of cleans per year. For instance, if you opt for a 12-weekly schedule, you will receive four cleans per year. We can also not assign set days of the week for which we perform your planned services or provide specific timings on the day of your cleaning.

Rear access & charges

If rear access is not left unlocked on the cleaning day, we will still charge the total price for our services. While we understand that the window cleaner is not the top priority in your busy schedule, we cannot replace lost work on the cleaning day.

Clean guarantee

Your satisfaction is our top priority. If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the service we have provided, please contact us within 24 hours of the cleaning. We will promptly return and remedy the issue, free of charge.

Waste removal

We are unable to take away waste removed from guttering. Generally, we will use customers' garden waste bins when available or leave you with the debris stored in a suitable bag. 

Ending our service

You can end your service whenever you like. However, we reserve the right to charge you our minimum one-off service fee if you cancel our service after the first clean. (3x your quoted service fee)

Package discounts

Discounts apply after the first additional service clean at the full stated price. Secondary cleans must be taken within 30 days of the indicated frequency to be valid for frequency discounts.

Payment Methods

For recurring domestic customers, we only accept payment via GoCardless.

6-Weekly Service

We offer regular 6-weekly window cleaning, year round!

Text Reminders

We send out text reminders the night before our visit to keep you in the loop.

Online Payments

Payments are automated with GoCardless, one less thing to think about.

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We pride ourselves on utilising a best in class hot pure water cleaning system, setting us apart in the window cleaning industry.

This method involves using highly purified water heated to the optimal temperature, ensuring a deeper, more efficient clean. The hot water effectively breaks down and removes stubborn dirt and grime, while the absence of minerals in pure water cleans your windows with a streak-free, sparkling finish.

Our enviromentally friendly approach not only delivers exceptional results but also guarantees no harsh chemicals or residues, making it safe for your family and the planet.