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Stop Believing These 5 Popular Window Cleaning Myths

There are a few things that can lift your spirits like gleaming clean windows. This work is more than just simple house care; it allows the sunlight in, brightens each room, and makes your home look lovely from the inside and outside. Here are the answers to some frequent myths and queries to help you plan your home’s window cleaning!

1. It’s Best To Use Hot Water When Cleaning Windows

Hot water when cleaning dishes = great. Hot water when cleaning windows = problems. Why? Hot water evaporates from the pane of glass at a rapid rate, leaving streaks and stains. Professional window cleaners apply a cleaning solution with a sponge-like instrument called a “mop,” then use a squeegee to remove the solution and filth in a timely manner. Hot water causes the cleaning solution to dry far faster than the squeegee can perform its magic, resulting in a dried solution that requires considerable effort to remove. Water that is lukewarm or at room temperature is ideal.

2. You Should Only Clean Your Windows on a Cloudy Day

Cleaning your windows on a bright day might be difficult since the cleaning solution dries nearly soon after you apply it to the glass. As a result, streakiness and/or a foggy residue may occur. However, there’s no need to put off window washing until it’s raining. Hire expert window cleaners who can clean windows in all sorts of weather, even bright sunshine, by including a wetting agent into their window washing solution. The wetting agent increases the amount of time the window cleaner needs to apply it and scrub and squeegee the window. Great window cleaners must work rapidly even with this wetting ingredient.

3. Rain Will Clean Your Windows

Rain will certainly help clean your windows, but it won’t remove stubborn dirt and grime. To be sure your windows are sparkling clean, hire professional window washers and use high-quality, non-toxic window cleaning products.

4. Spot Cleaning is Enough

Spot cleaning your windows isn’t enough. With a home and yard full of so many things it’s best to clean all the windows rather than just a few. When the windows are spotless, it makes the house look great, and you won’t have to worry about keeping up with windows all winter.

5. Window Cleaners Use Toxic Chemicals

Did you know that when you use household cleaners and glass cleaners you breathe in the chemicals? This can be a problem when you use these chemicals while cleaning your windows, or if you have small children and pets in your home. The best window cleaners will use non-toxic cleaning solutions so you can have peace of mind knowing you’re not breathing in toxic fumes or even chemicals that can stain your windows.


Cleaning and maintaining your windows regularly is an important part of home maintenance. You might not realise it, but your windows are one of the most important accent pieces to your home. With a little effort and knowledge on your part, you can have sparkling clean windows with minimal effort.

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